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MP05033E MR25 5040 Tri-Blades - Yellow

●Suitable for MR25 Series with Align 1806/2205 motor and 3S/4S Battery.●Sufficient power output, Faster speed-up, Stable and agile flight performance. ●5040 Tri-Blades - R(Yellow) x 2 (Φ5x63.3x6.5mm) ●5040 Tri-Blades -...


M425001XXW MR25 Propeller Nut

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P. ●MR25 Propeller Nut - clockwise x 2 (M5x12mm)●MR25 Propeller Nut - counter clockwise x 2 (M5x12mm)

HC42502 MR25 Canopy - Green

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●Aerodynamically efficient outer shell made with light weight impact resistant ABS plastic alloy material. Provides extra protection while increasing flight visibility. Multiple color scheme available for...

M425015AXW MR25 New 1806 Motor Cover

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●Heightening LED light cover design provide motor more comprehensive protection.●Add ventilation hole on LED light cover bottom improving the heat dissipation effect. ●New 1806 Motor Cover...


M425002XXW MR25 Main Frame

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●MR25 Main Frame x 1 ●MR25 Frame Washer x 2

M425010XXW 1806 Motor LED Mounts Board MR25

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●High intensity LEDs, With RGB colors customizable through smartphone app.●Board thickness 2.5mm ●Forward Current: R ≦ 50mA R&G ≦ 30mA●Lens Color: White ●Storage Humidity: 60% R.H....

M425004XXW MR25 Motor Tube Mount

●Suitable for MR25. ●MR25 Motor Tube Mount - Top x 4 ●MR25 Motor Tube Mount - Bottom x 4 ●Socket Screw x 8 (M2x6mm) ●M2 Nut x 8 (M2xT1.5)

M425011XXW MR25 Gimbal Servo

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●Digital micro servos are special design for Racing Quad, features to increase Racing Quad control speed and precision, let the micro/indoor helicopter has same flight performance...

M425006XXW MR25 Motor Mount Block - Black

●Suitable for MR25. ●MR25 Motor Mount Block x 2 (Φ25x20.5x14mm)●Socket Screw x 2 (M2.5x6mm)

M425003XRW MR25 Arms - Red

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P. ●MR25 Arms 71 x 4 (Φ14.5xΦ16x71mm)●Material: Aluminum●Weight: 7g

M425003XVW MR25 Arms - Champagne Gold

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●Dazzle colour aluminum alloy arms provide multi-colored arms for customization by enthusiasts. Creating you own MR25 style becomes a focus on flying field. ●MR25 Arms 71...

M425031XX MR25 Carbon Arms

●Suitable for MR25 / MR25P.●Carbon fiber arms feature in lightweight and highly structural strength can lighten MR25 flight weight and enhance flight performance. ●MR25 Arms 71 x 4 (Φ14xΦ16x71mm)●Material: Aluminum●Weight:...
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