Azure Power AZ-700S Main Blade

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The New Orange Color Blade From Azure

With a Slight Shift Farther out Lengthwise, These New Orange Blades offer Better Auto Rotation Characteristics, while Maintaining Crisp Cyclic Response, for Hardcore 3D Smacking.

Unique blade design and outstanding performance

AZ700S features the Azure-style Unique blade design and outstanding performance.
It has been carefully and repeatedly tested by our top pilots, to position the perfect  center of gravity across low and high head speed flying.
Therefore, it will provide an overall locked-in, and precise feel no matter how you fly. From slow aerobatics to full-on bad boy 3D, The new AZ700S will unleash the full potential of your helicopter!!!

Flawless design for a superior flight experience and feel
The blade design features a non-uniform chord width across the entire blade. Combined with a unique airfoil, these aspects provide improved flight performance and smooth control. 

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